The truth about the flower industry that you probably don't know

The “Micropropagation of plants” method is part of Plant Biotechnology and has been used since 1960 for rapid multiplication of plants in laboratory conditions. Then they adapt to the external conditions. They are then transplanted into pots or cut to reach end customers around the world. In other words, in over 80% of the cases, the flowers we buy were also from a tube.

But we don't realize it

Areas for growing cut flowers have a negative impact on the environment. They can be used for grain and technical crops to help feed the world’s population. Another problem of conventional cultivation is the consumption of water for irrigation and carbon emissions from transport and cold storage of the flowers.

Our mission

Reducing cut color areas by stopping the process down to a tube. Our innovation is that the plant in the test tube blooms, overblooms and blooms again. When the tube is full, its owner can transplant it into a pot.

Advantages of Flower in a test tube

No need for care and watering for at least 2 months

A pocket jewel

It doesn't stain

It is transplanted

Ideal for people with inhalant allergies


A cosmic gift

Flowers in a test tube are an ideal alternative to classic bouquets, as they occupy a small area when growing and are durable. They can be grown all year round no matter what season it is outside.

Our business also supports and develops science in Bulgaria.