Book “Success in the Bulgarian Gene”, second edition


20% of the proceeds from the book go to positive journalism in the country.

The first print run came out December 2021 and ran out in a few months. So in March 2023 a second printing came out.

Добави в Любими
Добави в Любими


In the book “Success in the Bulgarian gene” are my success stories, which I selected especially for you. Lessons of different people from different professional fields. They have allowed us into their personal space to pass on what they have learnt for us to build on, according to our own capabilities. What all fifty individuals have in common is that they have found their own recognition. The reason they wake up in the morning. What they put love, time and their own vision of improvement into. Thanks to their dedication, our gene is being completed. The success in the Bulgarian gene develops in a sustainable form, with each action and step forward.

“Interviews pass, but experience remains. Petar Nefteliemov

10 reasons to have the book ,,Success in the Bulgarian gene”:
It is extraordinary.
It is motivating.
It is made with love.
It’s motivating.
It is an extraordinary gift.
It contains invaluable lessons.
Tells you how to succeed doing what you love.
Breaks the stereotype that you can’t be successful in Bulgaria.
It can serve you as an emergency notebook.
20% of the proceeds from the book go to positive journalism in our country.
10 facts about the author of the book “Success in the Bulgarian gene” – Peter Neftelimov:
Biotechnologist and bioentrepreneur by education, co-founder of Flower in a Test Tube.
He claims that our cells are mirrors of ourselves.
He strives to unite science with business.
Highly communicative.
Author of publications in the media and
Founder of Practical Business Tips –
Strives for projects for the benefit of society.
Mentor in various entrepreneurial formats.
Despite his motor problem, he does not stop following his dreams.
He is no Stephen Hawking, but like him, he dreams of setting foot on Mars.
Svetoslav Ivanov, a Bulgarian journalist, reporter and host of the “120 minutes” programme on bTV, says in the annotation of the book ,,Success in the Bulgarian gene”:

This book brings together the stories of people who look to the future with hope. People who are ready to change the environment in which we all live for the better. In a time of trial, Peter and his heroes tell us, “Don’t be afraid of the future, because we will succeed!

The publisher of the book is ,,Library Bulgaria”.


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